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Vol. 7, Issue 12 (2018)

Conception of a cow following administration of haematinic drug with vitamins in anaemic condition

Ankesh Kumar
A six year old cow of Friesian breed from near village of Bikash Bihar colony of Patna was presented to OPD of Gynaecology clinic of TVCC with the complaint of conception failure. As per report of the owner the cow has not been fed green fodder as routine feedings since one and half years approx. Furthermore, the animal was infested with the external parasite so there was reason to suspect the case of anaemia. On clinical examination and history of case it was tentatively diagnose the case of anaemia. On haematological examination the blood haemoglobin level was observed around 7.5gm/dL. The animal has been treated with inj. Feritas @ 6ml, i/m twice a week for one month, Inj. Intavita-H @ 5ml twice a week for consecutively four week and one Cyclomin7 bolus once daily for 20 days to compensate micro minerals deficiency as well as the owner was advised to provide green fodder to their the animal. The cow successfully regains the normal blood haemoglobin level of around 10.8gm/dL after one month of treatment, later the animal was inseminated on spontaneous heat and cow conceived successfully and delivered a female calf. As we all know that anaemia is one among the all culprit for causing repeat breeding syndrome in cattle. If the animal is regularly getting health check-up as well as management for certain specific indices like, normal blood haemoglobin level, Feed and fodder availability especially green fodder, vitamin and trace mineral status and external parasite infestations resultantly the animal will be always in optimum reproductive efficiency.
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Ankesh Kumar. Conception of a cow following administration of haematinic drug with vitamins in anaemic condition. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(12):292-293.
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