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Vol. 7, Issue 12 (2018)

Production and stability studies of biosurfactant produced by an isolated indigenous bacterial strain

Mayavati Patil
For screening of potent biosurfactant producing bacterial strain, oil contaminated soil sample were collected from different locations. Blood hemolysis test of isolated bacterial strain confirmed its biosurfactant producing capacity. Culture conditions with varying carbon and nitrogen sources were studied at constant pH, temperature and revolution per minute, to obtain maximum biosurfactant production by the isolate. Surface tension measurement, bioemulsification assay and E24 activity of the broth was tasted to assure biosurfactant production. Crude coconut oil and phenyl alanine as carbon and nitrogen source respectively, C/N ratio 20, pH 7, temp. 35 0C and salt concentration of 2%. showed enhanced biosurfactant production. Growth kinetics indicated that biosurfactant production was growth dependant showing reduced surface tension of the broth upto 38mN/m on 12th day of bacterial growth. Purified biosurfactant was found to stable at high temperature, at wide pH range and salt concentration, thus reflecting its applicability in bioremediation of oil spills, food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The biosurfactant characterization by TLC showed yellow spots on the plates indicating presence of glycolipid in biosurfactant. The biosurfactant producing indigenous isolates was identified as the Pseudomonas species by biochemical tests.
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Mayavati Patil. Production and stability studies of biosurfactant produced by an isolated indigenous bacterial strain. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(12):238-244.
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