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Vol. 7, Issue 12 (2018)

Caesalpinia bonducella: A pharmacological important plant

Desh Deepak Pandey, Alok Pal Jain and Abhay Kumar
Many herbal remedies have been employed in various medical systems for the treatment and management of different diseases. The plant Caesalpinia bonducella has been used in different system of traditional medication for the treatment of diseases and ailments of human beings. Caesalpinia bonducella (L.) Fleming (Syn. Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) Roxb, Syn. Caesalpinia crista Linn.), belonging to the family Caesalpiniaceae, is a prickly shrub widely distributed all over the world specially found in tropical regions. All parts of the plant have medicinal properties so it is a very valuable medicinal plant which is utilized in traditional system of medicine. In Indian traditional plant medicine, it has been considered as an important remedy for the treatment of several diseases. It is popular in indigenous system of medicine like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani and Homoeopathy. This review attempts to encompass the available literature on seeds of Caesalpinia bonducella with respect to its pharmacological activities. Therefore, this information will be helpful to create interest towards the plant and may be useful in developing new formulations.
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Desh Deepak Pandey, Alok Pal Jain, Abhay Kumar. <em>Caesalpinia bonducella</em>: A pharmacological important plant. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(12):190-193.

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