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Vol. 7, Issue 12 (2018)

Bioefficacy of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metschn.) Sorokin from different solid media against Aphis craccivora (Koach) under laboratory condition

ND Wayal, SK Mehendale, GM Golvankar, VS Desai and KV Naik
The present investigation were undertaken to study the bioefficacy of M. anisopliae conidia from different solid media against A. crassivora under laboratory condition during the year 2015-2017 in Agricultural Entomology Department, College of Agriculture, Dapoli (Maharashtra). The efforts were made in the present study to utilize an entomopathogenic fungus for aphid management. In this regards, green muscardine fungus, M. anisopliae was tested against A. craccivora. In this experiment, total eight solid media were evaluated viz., Sorghum grain, Tea waste (without sugar and milk), Nagli husk, Soybean chunks, Sugarcane baggase, Wheat grain, Hotel tea waste (with sugar and milk), Banana pseudo stem. Results of the bio-efficacy of M. anisopliae conidia from these solid media against the nymph of A. craccivora revealed that all the treatments were significantly superior over the control. The highest mean mortality of aphid (86.67%) was recorded in treatment T1- Sorghum grain which, was at par with T2-Tea waste (83.33%). As far as the symptoms of infection by M. anisopliae on nymphs were concerned, the infected nymphs were found at the surface of soil and plant. Subsequent symptoms observed were inactiveness, development of coppery fungal growth on the body which, further developed to olive green muscardin fungus mat all over the body parts.
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ND Wayal, SK Mehendale, GM Golvankar, VS Desai, KV Naik. Bioefficacy of <em>Metarhizium anisopliae </em>(Metschn.) Sorokin from different solid media against <em>Aphis craccivora </em>(Koach) under laboratory condition. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(12):54-57.

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