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Vol. 7, Issue 11 (2018)

Formulation and evaluation of contraceptive herbal gel

Nitin Kumar, Gaurav Saxena, Snigdha Shukla, Mamta Seliya and Akanksha Samuel
Gels are semi solid, three dimensional and polymeric formulations, comprising the small amount of solid dispersed large amount of liquid. These topical formulations have been extensively studied. Vagina has been used as a mucosal drug delivery route for a long time. Gels are receiving a great deal of interested as vaginal drug delivery system. Gossypium hirsutum seeds (Gossypieae), Azadirachta indica seeds (Meliaceae), and Trigonella foenum graecum seed (Fabaceae) extracts were formulated in an aqueous based carbopol-934(1%w/w) gel system. Six formulations of the gel were prepared by varying the proportions of polymers. Preformulation studies on solubility, partition co-efficient, viscosity and bioadhesion were determined along with compatibility studies using a validated HPLC method. Based on these tests, formulation AA-7 was selected as best formulation and in-vitro drug dissolution studies were carried out. Overall curve fitting demonstrated that the drug liberated from mucoadhesive gels AA7 followed zero-order model (R2 = 0.9929) for burst release during first hour and followed Korsmeyer–Peppas model (R2 = 0.9976) for sustained release phase during later 23 hours suggesting, non-Fickian diffusion. It could be safely concluded from the study that the herbal gel formulation (AA-7) can be developed as a tropical contraceptive subjected to further in-vivo studies.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Nitin Kumar, Gaurav Saxena, Snigdha Shukla, Mamta Seliya, Akanksha Samuel. Formulation and evaluation of contraceptive herbal gel. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(11):520-523.

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