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Vol. 7, Issue 11 (2018)

Growth performance of pulses in India

Devegowda SR, Singh OP and Kalpana Kumari
The study is attempted to examine growth trend in percent major pulses in India. Over all period classified into three decades to know decadal growth over the years in area, production, yield and value of output decreased for major pulse. Compound growth rate of 1.27, 2.34, 1.08, and 8.94 for grams, 0.49, 1.13, 0.47 and 7.66 for arhar, 0.21, 0.51, 0.30 and 8.21 for moong, 0.93, 1.19, 0.26 and 8.97 for masoor, -4.90, -4.08, 0.83 and 4.69 for horse gram, 0.03, 0.83, 0.80 and 8.47 for uad, 0.28, 1.41, 1.05 and 8.40 per cent for total pulses in area, production, yield and value of output observed respectively for overall period (1990 to 2015). Decadal growth also followed the same trend for the all the pulses. Low productivity, low net return, pulses have been marginalized by highly remunerative competing crops.
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Devegowda SR, Singh OP, Kalpana Kumari. Growth performance of pulses in India. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(11):394-399.
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