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Vol. 7, Issue 11 (2018)

Relationship between prakriti (physical constitution) and head circumference in infants: (clinical study)

Srivastava Niraj, Gehlot Sangeeta and Singh BM
Background: Prakriti is an important tool that explains individuality and it has important role in prevention, diagnosis, treatment of disease and forecast of future disorders. Prakriti is enumeration of body features, internal as well as external. The growth of head circumference is a valuable indicator of mental health and development in infant.
Material & Methods: 100 infants were registered for Prakriti assessment. Performa for Prakriti assessment in infants was developed by department of Kaumarbhritya/Balroga and department of Kriya Sharira. Head circumference was measured by measuring tape and data were analyzed to get the trends in accordance to individual Prakriti.
Observation & Result: Result of this study shows that maximum head circumference was found in Kapha Prakriti while it was minimum in Vata Prakriti infants. Maximum head circumference growth velocity was found in Pitta Kapha and Kapha Prakriti and minimum in Vata Prakriti as compared to different follow ups. On applying one way ANOVA and Post Hoc Bonferroni tests, significant variations were observed in all the pairs.
Discussion & Conclusion: Vata Prakriti individuals have predominance of Ruksha, Laghu and Sukshma guna so it have lowest head circumference. Kapha Prakriti individuals have highest head circumference due to Mahalalata characteristic of Kaphaja Prakriti. Maximum Head Circumference growth velocity was found in Kapha and Pitta Kapha Prakriti and minimum in Vata Prakriti infant. Not any study available for relation between infants Prakriti with head circumference and head circumference growth velocity
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Srivastava Niraj, Gehlot Sangeeta, Singh BM. Relationship between prakriti (physical constitution) and head circumference in infants: (clinical study). Pharma Innovation 2018;7(11):52-55.
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