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Vol. 7, Issue 10 (2018)

Design and Evaluation of Once a Day Matrix Tablet of Cephalexin

G Srikanth and Munija Pancheddula
In the present research, an attempt has been made to formulate extended release matrix tablets of a cephalosporin antibiotic cephalexin. Matrix technologies have often proven popular among the oral controlled drug delivery technologies because of their simplicity, easy in manufacturing, high level of reproducibility and easy of scale up and process validation. Cephalexin mono hydrate, β-lactam antibiotic is a broad-spectrum antibiotic for treatment of wide range of bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections and respiratory tract infections 5-7, hence, was chosen as a model drug with an aim to develop a extended release matrix tablet. Different formulations were prepared by wet granulation method by using different polymers like HPMC, Microcrystalline cellulose and carbomer with different ratios were used in the development of formulations. The prepared tablets were evaluated for precompression and post compression parameters with different ratios. All the formulations showed compliance with pharmacopoeial standards. The effect of polymer loading in in-vitro drug release and the mechanism of release/dissolved was studied by different mathematical models. Dissolution profile of different formulation shows that the rate of drug release for Cefdinir from a hydrophilic matrix tablets is controlled by the polymer composition of matrix, higher the polymer concentration slower the drug release. By judiciously varying the ratio of drug to polymer, the desire matrix characteristics can be obtained to control initial burst and modulate drug releasehe selected formulations were subjected to stability studies as per ICH guidelines at different temperature and humidity conditions. : It can be concluded that among all the formulations the combination of Methocel K4M (5%) and Methocel E 50 LV (15%) as a rate retarding polymers was considered as the optimized formulation in the present research work.
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G Srikanth, Munija Pancheddula. Design and Evaluation of Once a Day Matrix Tablet of Cephalexin. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(10):201-211.
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