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Vol. 7, Issue 1 (2018)

Complications of colostomy closure

Dr. Salih Abdul-kafi Hamooddi, Dr. Ahmed Waleed Ibrahim and Dr. Qasim Hamza Eriby
Background: colostomy and colostomy closure are common procedures frequently performed by surgeons during war. Objectives: To recognize the complications following the closure of each type of colostomy and to determine which type of colostomy has least complications after closure. Method: fifty patients with different types of colostomy due to injuries of colon by shells or bullets had been underwent closure of these colostomies by 2 layers inner continuous by absorbable suture (3-0 cat gut) and outer interrupted non-absorbable suture (3-0 silk). Result: The total numbers of patients who developed complications after colostomy closure were 10 patients which represent 20% of all patients. The complications were wound infection 10 (20%), fecal fistula 5 patients (10%), prolonged paralytic ileus 2 patients (4%) and 8 patients (16%) develop incisional hernia after 5 months of operation. The study shows that loop colostomies had the least complications rate after closure. Conclusion: Closure of colostomy requires the same standards of surgical care as any anastomosis of the large intestine. The closure of loop colostomy types show lower rate of complications and show early recovery sign in comparison with other types of colostomies.
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Dr. Salih Abdul-kafi Hamooddi, Dr. Ahmed Waleed Ibrahim, Dr. Qasim Hamza Eriby. Complications of colostomy closure. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(1):500-502.

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