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Vol. 7, Issue 1 (2018)

Performance evaluation of drip irrigation systems

PK Jamrey and GK Nigam
The field experiments were conducted to evaluate the performance of drip irrigation systems at Plasticulture Farm of Collage of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur Rajasthan during the year 2012 kharif season. The performance of drip system was evaluated on the basis of parameters like average discharge (Qavg), uniformity coefficient (CU), distribution uniformity (DU), distribution characteristic (DC), emission uniformity (EU). The average discharge value of 1.67 lph, and 1.79 lph, average application efficiency value of 83.23 and 85.09 percent for OE and NVPH were estimated respectively, average CU value of 96.24 percent for OE and 93.63 percent for NVPH, average DU value of 88.07 and 89.69 percent, average DC value of 50.84 and 54.06 percent, and average EU value of 90.45 and 89.99 percent for open environment and naturally ventilated poly house of the year were estimated. The designed drip irrigation system was operated excellently as the values of EU were nearly equal or more than to design criteria of 90 percent in each case.
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PK Jamrey, GK Nigam. Performance evaluation of drip irrigation systems. Pharma Innovation 2018;7(1):346-348.

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