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Vol. 6, Issue 9 (2017)

Managing hyperlipidemia: Strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease

Krishna Murari, Binod Kumar Bharti, Supriya Krishnan and Sudhanshu Kumar Bharti
The hyperlipidemias comprise a heterogeneous group of disorders of lipid metabolism having a damaging effect on the wellbeing of human population and causes greater morbidity and mortality, in both young and old people. Management of dyslipidemia forms an important part of strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease. "Statins" as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors lowers cholesterol level in blood but long term use of these drugs have been reported for several adverse effects. Herbal products have been thought to be inherently safe, because of their natural origin and traditional use rather than on systemic studies designed to detect adverse effects. Dietary therapy together with hypolipidemic drugs is central to the management of hyperlipidemia. Two plants Withania somnifera Dunal (family: Solanaceae) and Commiphora wightii (Arnott.) Bhandari (family: Burseraceae) have been studied and documented most frequently, based on their frequent usage in folk medicine and acclaimed for health modulating properties.
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Krishna Murari, Binod Kumar Bharti, Supriya Krishnan, Sudhanshu Kumar Bharti. Managing hyperlipidemia: Strategies for preventing cardiovascular disease. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(9):535-537.
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