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Vol. 6, Issue 9 (2017)

Skin healing activity of Naringi crenulata and Phyllanthus reticulatus

V Manjula and T Selvin Jebaraj Norman
People suffer from several kinds of skin disorders caused by infections, allergies, genetic make-up, auto immune disorders, side effects of medications etc., Certain skin disorders such as scabies, psoriasis and eczema make them depressed since they are not getting cured even after many treatments which are highly expensive. There are alternative therapies which are supported by scientific evidences to improve such conditions. There are many medicinal plants which cure many ailments of the human beings, making it very difficult to parse out what and how actually work. This research has been taken to find out the efficiency of Naringi crenulata and Phyllanthus reticulatus in healing and curing eczema associated with scabies. This is a case study of an elderly female who visited one of the tribal healers from the indigenous malasar community in the study area Velliangiri hills reported with eczema associated with scabies.
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V Manjula, T Selvin Jebaraj Norman. Skin healing activity of Naringi crenulata and Phyllanthus reticulatus . Pharma Innovation 2017;6(9):376-378.
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