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Vol. 6, Issue 9 (2017)

Ayurvedic deodorant talc with Hemidesmus indicus and Shankhajeerak

Dr. Archana D Munot, Dr Sadanand V Deshpande and Dr. Mohan R. Joshi
Introduction: Now a day due to increasing civilization and awareness for health and hygiene, there is increased demand of Deodorant. Ayurvedic grantha’s give its reference in deencharya and Vajeekaran yogya vihar. Indian deodorant market has crossed business of about 10000 crores in the year 2016.About 75% Indians use deodorant talc where as 70% population use deodorant. Instead of use of chemical, artificial deodorant talc we can use Ayurvedic Deodorant Talc which is a natural product of plant. Hemidesmus indicus and Shankhajeerak
Aim: Ayurvedic deodorant talc with Hemidesmus indicus. indicus and Shankhajeerak
Objectives: To study deodorant action of Ayurvedic Deodorant Talc.
Hypothesis: Ayurvedic deodorant talc with Hemidesmus indicus shows deodorant action.
Materials and Method: Study was performed using fine powder (mesh size 100 U.S. standard) of Hemidesmus indicus root and fine powder of Shankhajirak in 1:4 proportion as ayurvedic talc. This mixture was given to 50 subjects chosen randomly between age 15-45 years group to be used in morning time after bath as deodorant talc. After use of this deodorant talc for about 8-10 days a questionnaire was filled by all the subjects which includes perspiration, body odor and freshness gradation before and after use of this talc? 1 to 10 any other remark by the user?
Observation and Conclusion: After use of aurvedic deodorant talc, there is reduction in perspiration by 30% body odor reduced by 35% and increased freshness by 25% Result: Ayurvedic deodorant talc with hemidesmus indicus and Shankhajeerak is effective, considering body odor, freshness and perspiration.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Dr. Archana D Munot, Dr Sadanand V Deshpande, Dr. Mohan R. Joshi. Ayurvedic deodorant talc with Hemidesmus indicus and Shankhajeerak . Pharma Innovation 2017;6(9):86-88.

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