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Vol. 6, Issue 9 (2017)

Diagnosis and management of Malassezia otitis in dogs

Satish Kumar Karlapudi
Otitis is one of the most common conditions among dogs and the condition can be caused by both bacterial and fungal origin. In the present study, 62 dogs were presented with signs suggestive of ear infection and on microscopic and cultural studies 18 dogs were diagnosed for Malassezia pachydermatis as the primary etiological agent. These dogs were showing the signs of erythema, mild edema with dark coloured wax or ear discharge. The yeast were diagnosed base on specific feature; blue coloured foot print shaped organisms on stained smear. Whereas, white or creamy coloured colonies, that turned to orange-beige and finally dark tan to brown were noticed on SDA media. Following treatment with oral ketaconazole @ 5mg/kg, for 20 days showed marked improvement with complete resolution of signs.
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Satish Kumar Karlapudi. Diagnosis and management of Malassezia otitis in dogs. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(9):36-38.
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