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Vol. 6, Issue 8 (2017)

Effect of superdisintegrant on the release of ofloxacin from gastric floating drug delivery systems

Pasumarthy NV Gopal and KV Ramana Murthy

Gastic floating drug delivery systems are the most suitable dosage forms for the drugs with narrow absorption window in the proximal part of duodenum. Drugs in this category can be formulated into sustained release dosage forms along with gastroretention for optimum therapeutic drug. Ofloxacin which has a low solubility in alkaline pH was formulated with hydrophilic polymer such as xathan gum, superdisintegrant like Crosspovidone and sodium bicarbonate as gas generating agent. Formulated tablets floated in the 0.1N Hcl within 145seconds and floated for a period more than 24hrs at 10% sodium bicarbonate. Based on the integrity of the tablets at 10th hour, concentration of crosspovidone was fixed at 50mg per tablets. Upon changing the concentration of xanthan gum from50 to 200mg, HF1 with 200mg of xanthan gum was found to be best in terms of tablettting charecterstics. All the tablets HF1 to HF4 complied with the IP limits. Cumulative percentage drug release of HF1 was close to the theoretical drug release of ofloxacin. release profile of the optimized formulation HF1 were fitted to kinetic models which showed that release of drug from the dosage form followed zero order release.
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Pasumarthy NV Gopal, KV Ramana Murthy. Effect of superdisintegrant on the release of ofloxacin from gastric floating drug delivery systems. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(8):268-273.
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