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Vol. 6, Issue 8 (2017)

Formulation and evalution of tolnaftate loaded topical niosomal gel

Munagala Gayatri Ramya, Rajesh Akki and P Dinesh Kumar

The aim of the present study was to formulate the topical gel containing tolnaftate niosomes to enhance diffusivity and to facilitate sustained release. The tolnaftate niosomes were prepared by altering the ratios of non ionic surfactants (span60, tween 80, twen60) maintaining cholesterol constant. Thin film hydration technique was employed for this purpose. The prepared niosomes were subjected to entrapment efficiency, size analysis. The obtained niosomes were dispersed into gel which were subjected to in vitro diffusion and exvivo diffusion studies, microbiological assay. Compared with the marketed available tolnaftate cream the niosomal gel showed higher diffusivity and sustained effect.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Munagala Gayatri Ramya, Rajesh Akki, P Dinesh Kumar. Formulation and evalution of tolnaftate loaded topical niosomal gel. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(8):29-34.

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