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Vol. 6, Issue 7 (2017)

Molecular assay for the diagnosis of Setaria cervi

Lingala Raju Kumar, Manchukonda Udaya Kumar and GS Sreenivasa murthy
Present study deals with the diagnostic evaluation of Setaria cervi by PCR assay with the primers developed from “IpSdS” repeat sequence in the genome of Setaria digitata. Standrdized PCR assay has yielded 125bp, 332bp products from the genome of adult Setaria cervi and In-vitro harvested microfilariae. Among the products 125bp product is more prominent than 332b product. The PCR was found sensitive in detecting the DNA as low as 953 ag from template DNA of S.cervi. Setaria species may occur individually or coexist in their natural habitat and are distinct to each other. Differentiation of Setaria species is not crucial for the diagnostic purpose. Hence the PCR assay may be used in the Field diagnosis of bovine microfilariosis irrespective of species involved.
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Lingala Raju Kumar, Manchukonda Udaya Kumar, GS Sreenivasa murthy. Molecular assay for the diagnosis of Setaria cervi. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(7):901-904.
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