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Vol. 6, Issue 7 (2017)

Evaluation of probiotic characteristics of bacteria isolated from fermented food

Veerapagu M and Jeya KR
Lactic acid bacteria are a major part of the probiotics, microflora of the intestine and of fermented dairy products, and are found in a variety of environments. In this study kambu koozh (pearl millet) was used as a source to isolate bacteria by serial dilution method. The isolate was identified as Enterococcus morphological, cultural and biochemical characteristics and evaluated for probiotic characteristics acid tolerance, bile tolerance and tolerance to digestive enzymes pepsin and trypsin. Acid tolerance of the Enterococcus sp ranges from 80% (pH5) to 69% (pH2) survivability for 1 hr and 68% (pH5) to 52.0% (pH2) survivability for 2hr. Bile salt tolerance of Enterococcus sp. was 69% survivability at (1%w/v) to 51.0% survivability (4%w/v) bile salt concentration for 24 hrs. Tolerance to digestive enzymes showed 78.6% to 35.7% survival (2g/L - 10g/L) pepsin and 68.9% to 13.8% survival (2g/L - 10g/L) trypsin for 2 hrs.
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Veerapagu M, Jeya KR. Evaluation of probiotic characteristics of bacteria isolated from fermented food. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(7):322-325.
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