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Vol. 6, Issue 7 (2017)

Nutrition & asthma- Feature review

Shipra Omar, Preeti Kothiyal And Reenoo Jauhari
Asthma is an airway inflammation disease which has series of generative, provoking, persuading and irritating factors which define its constitution and helps to correlate with genetic expression. Since it is both, genetic and atmospheric disease. In India the prevalence of asthma in increased 10-15% in 5-11 year old children. It took place due to hyper responsiveness of helper T-cells with the release of leukotrines, histamines, cytokines, causing inflammation and bronchoconstriction. Several supplements like vitamins A, B, C; D and E have beneficial effect in bronchoconstriction, wheeze and inflammation. Alcohol and smoking habits have adverse effects in asthma. BMI have the potential effect on Asthma. BMI shows potential effects with increase BMI wheezing and panting symptoms are increased. Fast food i.e. burgers and pizza mark as the increase in wheezing and asthmatic symptoms. Fish and several nutrients like selenium, magnesium, sodium etc have beneficial effect in asthmatic and wheezing symptoms.
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Shipra Omar, Preeti Kothiyal And Reenoo Jauhari. Nutrition & asthma- Feature review. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(7):229-238.

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