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Vol. 6, Issue 7 (2017)

Banana: Awesome fruit crop for society (Review)

Narayan Lal, Nisha Sahu, Govind Shiurkar, Dalit Kumar Jayswal And Sonbeer Chack
Recent trend in Banana processing, its medicinal values and by-products are reviewed for utilizing it in a better way. India is largest producer of banana in the world and it is grown almost all parts of the India. All the parts of banana are useful and it has great medicinal and tradition values in human health. Banana fruits are excellent food supplements and its leaf is used as vegetable in different parts of India in diverse form. Banana processing is a boon of science and technology with multiple benefits. It has made it possible to transport the fruit overseas in the form of products. It has made them all season available. In India the development of commodities of consumer interest by value addition of fruits is less than 2% of the annual agricultural produce. Hence there is a tremendous scope for enhancing its processing. In fact Banana processing can play vital role in Indian economy because not only banana fruits are processed but other parts are also used in processing. The present paper highlights the major products of banana processing, its medicinal and traditional values.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Narayan Lal, Nisha Sahu, Govind Shiurkar, Dalit Kumar Jayswal And Sonbeer Chack. Banana: Awesome fruit crop for society (Review). Pharma Innovation 2017;6(7):223-228.
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