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Vol. 6, Issue 6 (2017)

Formulation and evaluation of oral dispersible tablets of vibegron

Sridhar M, Surya Kumar J, and Krishna Mohan G
In the present work, taste masking of Vibegron was carried out by using strong cation exchange resin tulsion 344. These taste-masked complexes were further formulated into the Oro dispersible tablet by the direct compression method using Ac-Di-Sol and Avicel as a super disintegrant. Vibegron is used in treating OAB symptom. This thesis has described the production of a taste masked dosage form from initial determination of threshold bitterness concentration of the pure drug through to the development of a final taste masked prototype formulation. An attempt has been made in the current work to use cation exchange resins (Indion 234 and Tulsion-344) which is used in the long drug therapy of AIDS and drug Vibegron used to treat over active bladder, a common problem in geriatric patients. It was found that the taste masked 1:2 ratio of LMV: HP-β-CD inclusion complex increases the bulk of final ODT blend (above 1000 mg) which is not feasible for formulation of ODTs. So in this study the ODTs of LMV: HP-β-CD inclusion complex (1:1 ratio) showing acceptable bitterness in human taste panel studies was used in formulation of ODTs. In all formulations, the dispersion produced was soft (without grittiness) with a good mouth feel, and the bitter taste was fully masked. In vitro drug release profile of all optimized ODT formulations showed around 90% of drugs release within 10 to 15 minutes in acidic buffer (pH 1.2), implying that the drug will be absorbed fast, increasing the chances of bioavailability. A three-month stability analysis was carried out. For the optimized formulations, there was no noticeable difference in disintegration time, hardness, friability, or drug content.
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Sridhar M, Surya Kumar J,, Krishna Mohan G. Formulation and evaluation of oral dispersible tablets of vibegron. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(6):222-225.

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