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Vol. 6, Issue 6 (2017)

Hydrogel: Preparation, Characterization and Applications

Shailesh Kumar Singh, Archana Dhyani and Divya Juyal
Hydrogel products constitute three-dimensional networks which contains a group of polymeric materials, the hydrophilic structure of which renders them capable of holding large amounts of water. These biomaterials can integrate large quantum of biological fluids and swell. When swelled, they are soft & rubbery and resemble the living tissue, exhibiting excellent biocompatibility. Broad use of these products in a number of industrial and environmental areas of application is considered to be of prime importance. Today, drug delivery experience several challenges where hydrogel could be one potential answer to those. Due to the vast properties of hydrogel they are widely exposed to different biomedical fields. The primary objective of this article is to concerning classification of hydrogels on different bases, properties of hydrogels and its methods of preparations, physical and chemical characteristics of these products, and technical feasibility of their utilization.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Shailesh Kumar Singh, Archana Dhyani, Divya Juyal. Hydrogel: Preparation, Characterization and Applications. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(6):25-32.

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