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Vol. 6, Issue 6 (2017)

Optimization formulation and evaluation of senna tablets for the treatment of constipation

Ramchander, Pawan Jalwal and Anil Middha
In the recent year more people throughout the world are turning to use of medicinal product in healthcare system. Herbal drugs technology is implemented for converting botanical materials into medicine and universal trend has been shifted from synthetic to herbal medicine i.e. return to nature. Hence, an attempt is made to develop tablet formulation of Senna using standardized extract of senna and volatile oils of ajowan. Senna extract granules were prepared by wet granulation method and ajowan oil was encapsulated using β-cyclodextrin before compression. Different excipients are used during the optimization of the tablet formulation. All the parameters are within the range for tablets. The result revealed that we have successfully optimized formulation and evaluation of tablet formulation of Senna as per the official monograph on I.P.
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Ramchander, Pawan Jalwal, Anil Middha. Optimization formulation and evaluation of senna tablets for the treatment of constipation. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(6):14-17.
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