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Vol. 6, Issue 5 (2017)

Sensory evaluation of low fat cereal and fruit based fermented milk beverage

Prafull Kumar, Shanta Peter and Shiv B Singh

In the new millennium we are witnessing the upward trend in nutritional and health awareness which has increased the consumer demand for functional foods. Milk Beverage is gaining more popularity in modern societies of the developing countries. This study was conducted for the development of low fat cereal and fruit based fermented milk beverage by incorporating fruit pulp, cereal flour and whey protein concentrate (WPC). The basic aim of study was to find out the sensory parameter of Milk beverage prepared with corn flour, whey protein concentrate, banana pulp and sugar with different combination in order to assess the suitable level of addition with maximum acceptability. The data collected on different aspects were tabulated and analyzed statistically using the methods of analysis of variance and critical difference. Organoleptic characteristics (flavour and taste, body and texture, colour and appearance, overall acceptability) were analyzed using 9 point hedonic scale. On the basis of findings, it was concluded that T3 with 1 per cent corn flour, 1 per cent WPC, 15 per cent banana pulp and 8 per cent sugar combination was found to be highly acceptable among the other combinations by sensory evaluation. Thus, as per acceptability of the product judged by organoleptic evaluation and therapeutic value, the treatment can be rated as T3>T2>T1>T0. The cost of product of one litre milk beverage of treatment T0, T1, T2, T3 was Rs. 31.33, 33.97, 35.89 and 37.65 respectively
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Prafull Kumar, Shanta Peter, Shiv B Singh. Sensory evaluation of low fat cereal and fruit based fermented milk beverage. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(5):37-39.
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