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Vol. 6, Issue 5 (2017)

Histochemical studies of Proventriculus and Gizzard of Kadaknath Fowl

Sukanta Das, BS Dhote, GK Singh and Snehangsu Sinha
The study was conducted to evaluate the histochemical characteristics of proventriculus and gizzard on 12 Kadaknath breed of fowl comprising of 0 day and 112 days old (adult) respectively. The present study revealed that the proventricular surface epithelium cells were showing positive activity for both acid and neutral mucin particularly at the supranuclear portion. The activity of mucin was higher in the 112 days old birds compare to the 0 days old birds. The surface epithelium of gizzard was positive neutral mucin. The PAS activity was mainly seen at the tip of the mucosal folds and the activity was diminished towards the base of the mucosal folds of proventriculus. Gizzard showed negative results for acid mucin. Proventriccular mucosal epithelium was showing moderately positive activity for Glucose-6-phosphatase and strong positive activity for ATPase, AKPase, and ACPase. Proventricular glands were also showing positive activity for ATPase, ACPase and AKPase whereas gizzard showed weak activity at the surface epithelium for ATPase and glucose-6-phosphatase.
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Sukanta Das, BS Dhote, GK Singh, Snehangsu Sinha. Histochemical studies of Proventriculus and Gizzard of Kadaknath Fowl. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(5):25-28.

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