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Vol. 6, Issue 4 (2017)

Development and quality assessment of cheese spread prepared by using: Paneer, mozzarella and cheddar cheese

Shanker Suwan Singh and Ramesh Chandra
This present study was conducted on the development and quality assessment of cheese spread prepared by using: paneer, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. In the new millennium we are witnessing the upward trend in nutritional and health awareness which has increased the consumer demand for functional foods. Keeping in this view industries are forced to bring processed cheese spread in the market with acceptable sensory characteristics. Control (T0) was prepared by adding cheddar cheese, stabilizer(Sodium citrate), emulsifier(Glycerol monostearate), salt and required amount of water, to obtain more than 40% total solid and treatments was prepared with paneer, mozzarella and cheddar cheese in the ratio of T1(50:50:05,)T2(50:50:10),T3(50:50:15),T4(60:40:05),T5(60:40:10),T6(60:40:15),T7(70:30:05),T8(70:30:10),T9(70:30:15),T10(80:20:05),T11(80:20:10),T12(80:20:15),T13(90:10:05),T14(90:10:10),T15(90:10:15) respectively with the addition of permitted emulsifier, stabilizer and salt and each treatment was processed at 60 ⁰C for 3-5 minutes. The different treatments and control sample were analyzed for physic o-chemical analysis (Fat, Moisture, Protein, Carbohydrates and Ash, Total solid). The fat content was increasing from range 19.15%-19.39%(T1-T3),18.67%-18.97%(T4-T6),18.19%-18.54%(T7-T9),17.70%-18.11%(T10-T12), and 17.22%-17.68% (T13-T15). The moisture content was decreasing from 58.38%-58.06%(T1-T3),58.33%-58.27%(T4-T6),58.23%-58.21%(T7-T9),58.16%-58.14%(T10-T12), and 58.06%-58.08% (T13-T15). The protein content was decreasing from 17.56%-17.39%(T1-T3),18.00%-17.78%(T4-T6),18.44%-18.17%(T7-T9),18.89%-18.56%(T10-T12), and 19.34%-18.95% T13-T15). Carbohydrate was decreasing from 2.82%-2.73%(T1-T3),2.93%-2.84%(T4-T6),3.07%-2.95%(T7-T9),3.19%-3.07%(T10-T12), and 3.33%-3.18% (T13-T15). The Ash content was increasing from range2.09%-2.15%(T1-T3),2.07%-2.14%(T4-T6),2.07%-2.13%(T7-T9),2.06%-2.12%(T10-T12), and 2.05%-2.11% (T13-T15). The total solid content was increasing from range 41.62%-41.66%(T1-T3),41.67%-41.73%(T4-T6),41.77%-41.79%(T7-T9),41.84%-41.86%(T10-T12), and 41.94%-41.92%(T13T15). The coli forms and yeast and mould test were negative. Sensory evaluation results indicated that all the cheese spread had high sensory ratings for all the selected attributes evaluated. Treatment T1 (50:50:05) resulted in the highest scores for color& appearance, flavor & taste, body & texture and overall acceptability. T1 was liked most by the sensory panelists in comparison to other treatments.
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Shanker Suwan Singh, Ramesh Chandra. Development and quality assessment of cheese spread prepared by using: Paneer, mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(4):01-06. DOI: 10.22271/tpi.2017.v6.i4a.1008

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