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Vol. 6, Issue 3 (2017)

A pharmacological study of Bharangiguda Avaleha and Bharangyadi Arishta with special reference to Shwasa

Dr. Alpesh T Jarsania and Dr. Nipa A Jarsania
The living body is a biological apparatus of spectacular capabilities, particularly in the context of drug-cell interaction. When any drug is applied through it’s therapeutic route either locally or systemically it interacts with its target cell to produce the desired action. The discipline of pharmacology attempts to elucidate the intricate mechanism that underlies the cause and effect of this interaction.
It is sometimes impossible to produce same etiopathological events as they occur in human being on Dosha-Dushya parlance in the animals, but we can prepare some pathological conditions like inflammation, ulcer etc. for the experimental model and test the drugs for their efficacy in relieving them. In the present study two different formulations, Bharangiguda Avaleha from the reference Chakradutta was chosen for the present study and to comprehend the relative efficacy of Arishta Kalpana, the drug Bharangi with the usable part as Twaka [Cha. Su. 25/48(1)] and with the support of the presence of the pharmaceutical preparation “Bharangisura” (Su Utt. 61/38-40) the ingredients of Bharangiguda Avaleha were suitably processed to prepare the Bharangyadi Arishta were tested for their comparative therapeutic efficacy in experimental models representing different aspect of the disease Shwasa to provide scientific basis to their therapeutic application, appropriate experimental models were planned with Immunomodulatory activity, Anti-inflammatory activity, Analgesic activity, Anti- histaminic activity, Effect on Bronchial smooth muscles.
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Dr. Alpesh T Jarsania, Dr. Nipa A Jarsania. A pharmacological study of Bharangiguda Avaleha and Bharangyadi Arishta with special reference to Shwasa. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(3):07-19.

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