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Vol. 6, Issue 2 (2017)

A experimental study of Bharangiguda Avaleha prepared by two different processes

Dr. Alpesh Thobhanbhai Jarsania and Dr. Nipa A. Jarsania
All the time less theories of Ayurveda is availed to the patient only by means of Bhaishajya Kalpana. Avaleha Kalpana is the formulation, which is efficacious as well as preferred by the patients and thence, in the present study, two different samples of Bharangiguda Avaleha was prepared following two different processes as mentioned in Chakradatta 12/25-30 and Iatro Chemistry of Ayurveda by Bhagvandas based on Ayurveda Saukhya of Todarananda citing Acharya Gopura Rakshita at 1/301, Pg. No. 70

- एक द्वित्रि श्रृतं कृत्वा दापयेद् गुणवृध्ध्ये।।

In the present study test formulations, Bharangiguda Avaleha-I, Bharangiguda Avaleha-II and Bharangi Churna were tested for their comparative therapeutic efficacy in experimental models representing different aspect of the disease Tamaka Shwasa to provide scientific basis to their therapeutic application, Appropriate experimental models were planned with Immunomodulatory activity, Anti-inflammatory activity, Analgesic activity, Anti-tussive activity, Anti- histaminic activity, Effect on Bronchial smooth muscles.
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Dr. Alpesh Thobhanbhai Jarsania, Dr. Nipa A. Jarsania. A experimental study of Bharangiguda Avaleha prepared by two different processes. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(2):155-166.
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