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Vol. 6, Issue 12 (2017)

A study on different farming systems for improving sustainable barley production in Rajasthan

S Manikandan and Dr. Amita Sharma
The present investigation was undertaken with a view to studying the effect of different farming systems on the production of barley in the state of Rajasthan. Indian agriculture policy reforms for some time one of the issues it faces is the lack of viability of smallholdings and lack of international competitiveness of its produce. Based on these issues new initiatives are reorganizing the production systems. In now a days agricultural lands are being allowed to be bought or leased by corporate agribusiness houses and in some area farmers are make a clusters produce their products and send to the market. This paper profiles cases of different farming practices and examine the rationale for allowing those farming systems in the context of its agriculture and rural sector. It point out that rationale which farming systems is weak and which one is better to continue for further period. Based on the above issues paper will discuss about out of different farming systems which farming system is making better use of resources for barley production.
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S Manikandan, Dr. Amita Sharma. A study on different farming systems for improving sustainable barley production in Rajasthan. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(12):490-493.
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