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Vol. 6, Issue 12 (2017)

Revascularization of pedal arteries for critical limb ischemia

Ya I Yarema
Objective: To analyze the results of revascularization of pedal arteries in patients with CLI.
Material and methods: From January 2008 to September 2017 in the Department of Vascular Surgery of Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital reconstructions of pedal arteries were performed in 41 patient with CLI. Middle age was 65 years (62,97%), men presented majority - 34 (83%), women, accordingly, - 7 (17%).
Results: Reconstructive operations on pedalarteries often remain as only chance to avoid amputation in patients with CLI. However, both mentality of surgeons and technical complications, predefined by the geometrical parameters of the reconstructed vessels and also anatomical features of shunt positioning, lead out from wide therapeutic introduction. During the period of supervision major amputations were performed in 5 (12,2%) cases, in 28 (68,3%) tissue loss was limited to the necrectomies and minor amputations.
Conclusions: 1. Revascularization of pedal arteries is an efficient technique in cases of CLI due to distal OSL. 2. Shunt patency rate is better when popliteal artery is used as the source of blood supply, while no dependence on the distal anastomosis location was detected.
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Ya I Yarema. Revascularization of pedal arteries for critical limb ischemia. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(12):177-178.

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