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Vol. 6, Issue 11 (2017)

Caecal-coccidiosis in Vanaraja chicks and its successful therapeutic management

P Samal, AK Panda, SS Boitai and R Senapati
Coccidiosis causes considerable economic loss in the poultry industry in terms of reduced growth rate, impaired feed conversion leading to poor performance and huge mortality. Six dead Vanaraja chicks were reported by one farmer with complaints of bloody diarrhea, and sudden death of chicks in his backyard farm. On Postmortem examination, swollen hemorrhagic caecum and presence of oocyst in caecal content confirmed the infestation of caecal-coccidiosis. All the affected chicks were recovered successfully after 3 days of oral intake of amprolium. The severity of clinical signs and successful recovery within a short period of treatment is discussed here in this case report.
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P Samal, AK Panda, SS Boitai, R Senapati. Caecal-coccidiosis in Vanaraja chicks and its successful therapeutic management. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(11):827-828.
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