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Vol. 6, Issue 11 (2017)

Alpha, Beta and Gamma Alumina as a catalyst -A Review

Kiran Y Paranjpe
Alpha (α), Beta (β) and gamma (ƴ) are the different phases of Alumina. The α- Alumina is also known as Nano alumina and is white puffy powder. The specific surface area is low, resistant to high temperature and inert, but it does not belong to activated alumina, and it has almost no catalytic activity. β- Alumina is hexagonal, with lamellar structure and the unit cell contains two alumina spinel based block. ƴ -Alumina is nano alumina and has high purity and excellent dispersion and high specific surface, with resistance to high temperature and inert, high activity. Porous, hence it is a kind of activated alumina and used as catalyst support and adsorbent. Aim is to use ƴ-alumina catalyst for Alkylation of phenol for Meta cresol selectivity. Literature survey indicates that its use has been studied for selectivity and yield of o cresol, 2,6 xylenol but not for meta selectivity for the reaction-Alkylation of phenol. Challenge is to develop Gamma Alumina/Modified Gamma alumina catalyst for the study of selectivity of Meta cresol in Alkylation of phenol.
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Kiran Y Paranjpe. Alpha, Beta and Gamma Alumina as a catalyst -A Review. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(11):236-238.

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