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Vol. 6, Issue 11 (2017)

Development of protocol for preparation and preservation of ginger flavored aonla candy for nutritional and biochemical evaluation

Shailendra K Dwivedi and Avnish Pandey
Aonla is an important indigenous fruit crop to Indian subcontinent which is generally used in alternative medicine, health foods, herbal products and beverages. It has a great potential in processed forms but a very little information is available regarding the preparation and storage quality of aonla candies. In the experiments Organoleptic evaluations were done for standardization of sugar concentration for aonla candy preparation. The candy containing 720B recorded the highest Organoleptic scores and selected for further blending with ginger and mint extracts. Six different concentrations of ginger and mint extract were added for preparation of aonla candy. The mature aonla fruits were selected, washed and blanched in boiling water containing 2percent alum for 10 minutes. The segments were separated after cooling the fruits in potable water. The segments were kept for 24 hours in sequentially increasing concentration of sugar syrup for three days to attain 720B TSS. After maintain the desired TSS the excess syrup drained out and the segments were dried in open sun drying. The prepared candy segments were packed in to polyethylene pouches and stored under ambient conditions. During the storage study revealed that the moisture content in the candy was found to decrease with storage period. It decreases from an initial value of about 18percent to a final value of about 13percent at the end of storage. During the four months of storage TSS, acidity, total sugar and browning increased gradually till the end of the experiment while vitamin C, tannin content indicated the decreasing trends. No microbial load was recorded in the treatments. On the basis of organoleptic evaluation and biochemical characters it was concluded that the aonla candy treated with 2 percent ginger extract found to be the most suitable for the aonla candy.
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Shailendra K Dwivedi, Avnish Pandey. Development of protocol for preparation and preservation of ginger flavored aonla candy for nutritional and biochemical evaluation. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(11):78-83.

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