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Vol. 6, Issue 10 (2017)

Potential of raw banana peel as a source of polyphenol in muffins

Chaitali Chakraborty, Kakali Bandyopadhyay, Shairee Ganguly, Bornini Banerjee and Shubham Mukherjee
Fresh banana contains about 40% (w/w) peels. Banana peels are a good source of dietary fibres, polyphelnols and some bioactive compounds. But in our society banana peels are considered as waste products. Even in banana processing industries banana peels are not utilized. As a waste material these peels can be hazardous to the environment as they can act as a medium of some harmful microorganisms. In the present study the nutraceutical properties of banana peels are utilized by using them in muffin production. Here banana peels are used as wheat flour substitute and it is added in different proportions (10%, 20%, and 30%) on the wet weight basis of the dough. The muffins were produced in microwave oven at different wattage (360W, 540W, 720W and 900W) as well as in baking oven at 110 0C temperature for 20 minutes. The polyphenol contents of all types of banana peel fortified muffins (10, 20 and 30% BPM) and control muffins, prepared in microwave oven and baking oven are determined in gm GAE/100 gm of samples by using five different extractions medium viz. acetone, methanol, ethanol, butanol and petroleum ether. It was observed that the polyphenols are mostly soluble in methanol for all types of BPMs as well as for control. For microwave processed 30% BPM the maximum polyphenols content is observed as 7.92 gm GAE/100 gm whereas this value is 7.77 gm GAE/100 gm for baking oven processed 30 % BPM in methanol. The sensory evaluations (by 9 point hedonic scale) of different BPMs are also carried out which showed the maximum overall acceptance for 30% BPM (microwave processed) and 20 % BPM (baking oven processed). Therefore raw banana peel can be utilized as a potent source of polyphenol in various foodstuffs.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Chaitali Chakraborty, Kakali Bandyopadhyay, Shairee Ganguly, Bornini Banerjee, Shubham Mukherjee. Potential of raw banana peel as a source of polyphenol in muffins. Pharma Innovation 2017;6(10):40-43.

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