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Vol. 5, Issue 8 (2016)

Polymorphism of gene apolipoprotein B in patients with chronic pancreatitis, combined with obesity and diabetes mellitus type 2

Ferfetska KV, Fediv OI and Sydorchuk LP
The purpose of research: To analyze the Ins / Del - polymorphism of Apo -B (rs17240441) in the structure of patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP), with comorbidity with type 2 diabetes mellitus and obesity.
Materials and methods: The study of 90 participants who were divided into 2 groups. The first group consisted of 49 patients with CP in combination with obesity and type 2 diabetes, the second - almost 41 healthy individuals (control group). Genomic DNA was isolated from peripheral blood using the test - systems "innu PREP Blood DNA Mini Kit (Germany). To determine the polymorphic variants of the gene ApoB ins / del using the PCR method. The distribution of genotypes and allele frequency was assessed χ2 test, according to the law of distribution of genotypes Hardy - Weinberg.
Results and discussion: Analysis of the multiplicative model of inheritance revealed that I- allele is more common than "minor" D- allele at 40, 82% (χ2 = 32, 65, p<0,001) in the experimental group and 21, 96% (χ2 = 7, 90, p = 0,005) in the control. In total, the surveyed population of 180 selected alleles dominated "wild" I - allele of the mutant to 32, 22% (p<0,001). The distribution of genotypes in the cohort studied law consistent with Hardy - Weinberg (χ2 = 0, 25, p = 0, 62). Analysis of the overall co-dominant inheritance pattern, showed a significant advantage relative frequency InsIns- and InsDel-genotypes of the gene Apo-B over DelDel-genotype as that of persons investigated and the control groups.
Conclusions: 1. Thus, the deletion of the functional portion of the DNA of the gene Apo-B (id:. Rs17240441) in the homozygous state in the second pair 2r23-24 chromosomes found in the studied population of North Bukovina in 13, 33% of cases: among patients with CP, type 2 diabetes and obesity - to 10,20%, among control group - in 17,07% of cases (p>0,05). 2. InsIns-gene genotype Apo-B is found in every second patient HP, type 2 diabetes with obesity (51, 02%), which is 12, 0% more than in the control group (χ2 = 3, 95, p = 0, 047).
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Ferfetska KV, Fediv OI, Sydorchuk LP. Polymorphism of gene apolipoprotein B in patients with chronic pancreatitis, combined with obesity and diabetes mellitus type 2. Pharma Innovation 2016;5(8):01-03.
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