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Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2016)

Drug utilization pattern in primary health centres surrounding a semi-urban area–An analysis

Dr. G Rajaram, Dr. B Sharmila and Dr. R Lenin
Objective: Drug utilization pattern in primary health centers surrounding a semiurban area –an analysis
Methods: A total number of five hundred prescriptions of patients attending primary health centres in Viluppuram, a semiurban area in Tamilnadu State were collected. Details such as name of drugs, dosage forms and routes of administration were noted. Demographic details such as name, age, sex were collected. All data collected as per proforma were analysed manually using WHO prescribing indicators.
Results: The average number of drugs per encounter was 5.56. Percentage of drugs prescribed by generic name was only 4%. Percentage of drugs encounter with antibiotics was 18.2%. percentage of drugs encounter with injection was 8.3%. Percentage of drugs prescribed from EDL was 68%.
Conclusion: The study revealed polypharmacy among general practitioners. There was lack of knowledge for the use of generic drugs and drugs listed under EDL. There was appropriate use of antibiotics among general practitioner. This study will help to reduce the cost, recognize and prevent dangerous drug – drug interaction.
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Dr. G Rajaram, Dr. B Sharmila, Dr. R Lenin. Drug utilization pattern in primary health centres surrounding a semi-urban area–An analysis. Pharma Innovation 2016;5(6):104-106.
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