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Vol. 5, Issue 6 (2016)

Studying “Propolis-Gel” pharmacological activity

OI Tikhonov and SG Bobro
The results of conducted preclinical studies of "Propolis" gel based on Propolis Phenolic hydrophobic medication (PPHM) and azelaic acid (KA) had been enlighted in present article.
Pharmacological studies included the screening of finding the optimal composition of the gel by antiexudative action, choosing the optimal amount of gel, the membrane-stabilizing effect of the gel and research of the toxicological characteristics of the "Propolis" gel.
It has been found that the gel contains PPHM 2,0% and AA, and possesses a maximum antiexudative effect. The optimum amount of the "Propolis" gel for skin application is equal to 12.5 mg/cm2. It has been proved that the "Propolis" gel has a pronounced membrane-protective effect, and it is its main distinction fromthe comparing medication – the "Scinoren" gel 15%. As for acute toxicity parameters the "Propolis" gel refers to a class of practically non-toxic substances.
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OI Tikhonov, SG Bobro. Studying “Propolis-Gel” pharmacological activity. Pharma Innovation 2016;5(6):26-30.

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