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Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2016)

Novasome: Advance in Liposome and Niosome

Swapnil Waghmare, Aarti Patil, Prachi Patil
In the aspect of novel drug delivery, day by day new technologies are developed. Attempt was made to modify the liposomal and similar drug delivery and formulation of novasome was done. The two-seven bilayer structure of novasome helps to incorporate both water soluble and insoluble drugs. It helps to overcome stability related problem of liposomes in biological fluid and their targeting efficiency. Its modified entrapment efficiency and encapsulation process gives better dosing frequency and applied in various fields like cosmetics, dermatology, chemical, food, personal care, etc. many researches are going on this technology as an innovation in liposome.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Swapnil Waghmare, Aarti Patil, Prachi Patil. Novasome: Advance in Liposome and Niosome. Pharma Innovation 2016;5(5):34-38.

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