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Vol. 5, Issue 12 (2016)

Ābzan (Sitz bath) - An effective mode of treatment in ʹIlāj bit Tadbīr (Regimenal Therapy)

Mohd Nayab
Unani System of Medicine has four modes of treatment and these are; ʹIlāj bil Ghizā (Dietotherapy), ʹIlāj bit Tadbīr (Regimenal Therapy), ʹIlāj bid Dawā (Pharmacotherapy) and ʹIlāj bil Yad (Surgery). Ilaj bit Tadbīr is a mode of treatment which works on the principle of modification or modulation in Asbāb sitta ḍarūriya (Six Essential Factors) for gaining health in sick persons or preventing from diseases in normal individuals. ʹIlāj bit Tadbīr includes a number of therapeutic interventions such as Hijāmah (Cupping Therapy), Irsal-i-ʹAlaq (Leech Therapy), Fasd (Venesection), Dalk (Massage), Nutūl (Irrigation), Ābzan (Sitz bath) etc. Among these, ābzan is a novel, simple, safe, economic, non-invasive and effective external mode of treatment for various disorders. It is basically a type of bath in which only buttock and hips are immersed in the water, either plain or medicated (Joshānda or Khaisānda) for therapeutic purposes. Sometimes, a whole body upto shoulder is immersed into the water. This regimen is used to relieve discomfort and pain in the lower as well as upper parts of the body, for example, haemorrhoids, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel disease, an episiotomy, infections of bladder, prostate, vagina etc. Ābzan also provides relief from itching in genital area. Even though no scientific evidence is available to indicate that ābzan can promote faster healing but it is widely described in unani system of medicine for various body ailments.
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Mohd Nayab. Ābzan (Sitz bath) - An effective mode of treatment in ʹIlāj bit Tadbīr (Regimenal Therapy). Pharma Innovation 2016;5(12):45-49.

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