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Vol. 5, Issue 11 (2016)

Features of Women’s Pregnancy with the Endocrine Form of Infertility in Anamnesis

Sergii Stotskyi
The problems of mothers and children are a priority in major government programs on health care in Ukraine. In recent years, the World Health Organization (WHO) has developed a «The strategy of risk" aimed at identifying the causes of various complications of pregnancy and childbirth and to seek the ways to improve the maternal and children’s health. At present there is no consensus on whether the different causes of infertility are the risk factor for obstetric and perinatal complications. On one hand, not just the infertility as unfavorable premorbid background adversely affects the course and outcome of pregnancy. The reasons for the obstetric and perinatal pathology in women with infertility of various origins in anamnesis are studied insufficiently and are ambiguously interpreted by different researchers.
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Sergii Stotskyi. Features of Women’s Pregnancy with the Endocrine Form of Infertility in Anamnesis. Pharma Innovation 2016;5(11):26-27.
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