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Vol. 5, Issue 10 (2016)

Formulation and evaluation of omeprazole nanoparticles by using natural polymers

Sirisha Mittapally and Arifa Banu
Nanoparticles are solid colloidal particles having size range from 10 to 1000 nm (nanometer). The polymeric materials are used as a carrier for the controlled drug delivery. These nanoparticles were prepared by the desolvation method by using the natural polymers gelatin and sodium alginate as they are biodegradable and biocompatible.
The nanoparticles of gelatin 5% with different concentration of sodium alginate ranges from (1-6%) were evaluated for enteric coating. These nanoparticles are used to formulating tablet dosage form using aluminum hydroxide as diluent. The prepared tablets were evaluated for pre compression and post compression properties. Among all the formulations dissolution studies showed that f4 formulation containing 5% gelatin and 4% sodium alginate has enteric coating as well as controlled release property and releases 2.49% of drug in acidic PH (1.2) and 98% of drug in intestinal PH (6.8). Gelatin forms the nanoparticles and sodium alginate forms a polymer matrix there by releases the drug in a controlled manner. Stability and accelerated stability studies of the omeprazole USP tablets shown that the f4 formulation has the promising result with 98% drug release within 12 hours in intestinal PH.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Sirisha Mittapally, Arifa Banu. Formulation and evaluation of omeprazole nanoparticles by using natural polymers. Pharma Innovation 2016;5(10):111-117.

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