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Vol. 4, Issue 9 (2015)

Gene Therapy: Front runner in future medicine

KS Singh, S Anand, JK Sharma
Widely perceived earlier as a future medicine, Gene Therapy has progressed at a pace never before and has become today’s reality. With earlier conception of limited applicability in genetic diseases only, this technique has now being explored for metabolic and physiological disorders too. More than a dozen diseases are being targeted with this approach, few products are in use and encouraging rate of success has been achieved.
This science is at the intersection of genetics, molecular biology and genetic engineering, gaining powerful addendums with increasing knowledge and innovative techniques, updated each passing day. With a myriad of options available for targeting cells, delivery of functional gene, integration and novel strategies such as Genetically Modified probiotics, it has greatly enhanced prospects. A systematic progress in knowledge and careful integration of inter-disciplinary sciences have given the main boost. With the completion and annotation of Human Genome Project, it has become even more powerful and effective for a range of diseases, leading way towards realistic personalized medicine. Although, theoretically well planned and strict safety measure are taken while design, use of vectors and the foreign gene, but abrupt setbacks are also a reality. This review addresses different aspects of Gene Therapy and also on novel methods of transfer such as GM Probiotics, as the delivery agent.
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KS Singh, S Anand, JK Sharma. Gene Therapy: Front runner in future medicine. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(9):34-37.

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