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Vol. 4, Issue 9 (2015)

Assessment of knowledge regarding perineal care among postnatal mothers

Jyoti Salunkhe and Mrs. AV Katti
Background: Postnatal period is the crucial period in the life of women. Mother requires special care during pregnancy, at the time of delivery and also after delivery for safe motherhood and healthy living. After delivery perineal care is important for the mother to reduce infection. Present study conducted to assess the knowledge of mothers regarding Perineal care after delivery.
1. To assess the existing knowledge related to perineal care of the postnatal mothers.
Materials and methods: Evaluative Research approach was used. A quasi experimental design was used for the study on 60 postnatal mothers selected by using convenient sampling technique. Study was conducted at selected Hospitals from Pune city. The data was collected using structured questionnaire. Frequency distribution analysis was performed.
Result: Study revealed that out of 60 postnatal mothers states that mean knowledge scores about perineal care obtained in pre test mean value 3.8 ±1.9 which is extremely significant with ‘t’ value 15.507.
Conclusion: Finding of the study imply that postnatal mothers are having average knowledge regarding perineal care. So there is a need to create awareness about perineal care and to prevent infection for better health of mother.
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Jyoti Salunkhe, Mrs. AV Katti. Assessment of knowledge regarding perineal care among postnatal mothers. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(9):94-96.

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