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Vol. 4, Issue 8 (2015)

Investigation of the psychopharmacological profile of carbamazepine

Dr. VM Thorat and Dr. Somnth M Matule
Aim: investigate whether CBZ induces the SB by stimulating the postsynaptic striatal D2 and D1 DA receptors either directly or indirectly by releasing DA from the nigrostriatal DA ergic neurons.
Material and Method: Treatment with APO and DAM antagonize the cataleptic effect of HAL, we have therefore investigated whether CBZ treatment reduces the cataleptic effect of HAL.
Result: The effects of CBZ (5 to 20 mg/kg), APO (1.5 and 3 mg/kg) and DAM (5 and 10 mg/kg) treatment on the cataleptic effect of HAL (1 and 1.5 mg/kg) were studied and compared. CBZ at 5, 10 and 20 mg/kg doses was significantly less effective than 1.5 and 3 mg/kg APO and 5 and 10 mg/kg DAM in antagonizing the cataleptic effect of 1 and 1.5 mg/kg HAL. Our results indicate that CBZ, on weight basis, is significantly less effective than APO and DAM in exerting the anticataleptic effect.
Conclusion: CBZ indicate that there is a functional interaction between the corticoglutamatergic neurons and the nigrostriatal DAergic neurons. Further, our results lend support to the reports cited in literature stating that the corticoglutamatergic neurons exert an inhibitory influence on the nigrostriatal DA ergic neurons indirectly by releasing GABA from the intrinsic striatal GAB Aergic interneurons, the striatonigral GABAergic neurons and the GABAergic neurons located in the SNc.
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Dr. VM Thorat, Dr. Somnth M Matule. Investigation of the psychopharmacological profile of carbamazepine. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(8):136-139.

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