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Vol. 4, Issue 7 (2015)

Study of fine needle aspiration cytology in palpable thyroid lesions

Dr. RM Oswal, Dr. Mrs S and R Upadhye
Aim: study of FNAC of palpable thyroid swelling in context of diagnosing the various thyroid lesions on the basis of cytology and correlating the cytological findings with clinical profile and other investigations.
Material and method: A detail clinical history was taken including duration, size and other complaints and review of the reports of ultrasonography, thyroid function test are done whenever available. The thyroid gland was palpated carefully and the nodule(s) to be aspirated identified. An informed consent was taken from the patient after explaining the procedure. The procedure was explained to the patient, and all the patient’s questions answered completely to relieve their anxiety and make them comfortable. The patients were placed supine with the neck hyperextended to expose the thyroid; for support, a pillow was placed under the shoulders. The patient was asked not to swallow, talk, or move during the procedure. After giving the correct position and identification of the site to be aspirated, overlying skin was cleaned with disinfectant.
Result: In the present study we observed that in cases of goiter abundant brownish aspirate was obtained in 78 cases (88.64%) which could be grossly identified as colloid. Aspirate was abundant and many a times we needed CBC bulb to collect so and was hemorrhagic in 10 cases (11.36%). The neoplastic cases yielded scanty haemorrhagic aspirate but it was not specific as cases of thyroiditis too yielded haemorrhagic aspirate.
Conclusion: For overcoming the grey zone of thyroid cytology ki-67 roliferative index, silver nucleolar organizing region (AgNOR) counting, HBME-1 marker positivity and many more research are undergoing with the hope that this hurdle will be overcome soon.
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Dr. RM Oswal, Dr. Mrs S, R Upadhye. Study of fine needle aspiration cytology in palpable thyroid lesions. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(7):154-156.

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