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Vol. 4, Issue 6 (2015)

Histopathological study of appendectomy specimens

Dr. SJ Pawar and Dr. Shakuntla Armane
Aim: Emphasize the role of histopathological examination of appendix and its correlation with clinical presentations.
Material and Method: All appendectomy specimens were received in 10% formalin as fixative. Gross features of these appendectomy specimens were recorded as per proforma and sections taken for histopathological study. Minimum three bits were taken from all the specimens, one longitudinal section from distal tip of the appendix, one cross section each from middle and base of appendix.
Result: Variety of appendicular lesions are observed in appendectomies done either for clinically suspected appendicitis or during laparotomy done for other illnesses. Though most common lesion observed was acute appendicitis followed by chronic appendicitis, inflammatory and neoplastic diseases of ileo-caecal region also involved appendix as parasitic infestations, ileo-caecal tuberculosis and caecal adenocarcinoma.
Conclusion: Each and every appendectomy specimen must be sent for histopathological examination and studied meticulously, as some unusual findings bearing implications on treatment and prognosis may be seen, regardless of the reason for which appendectomy is performed.
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Dr. SJ Pawar, Dr. Shakuntla Armane. Histopathological study of appendectomy specimens. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(6):107-110.

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