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Vol. 4, Issue 5 (2015)

Development and quality assessment of papaya kalakand

Shalini, Puneet Arora, Ramesh Chandra, Gaurav yadav
Kalakand is one of the important indigenous milk product which contains milk solid in a fourfold concentration, its food and nutritive value is very high. Papaya is a tropical fruit which has good ant oxidative property, it has broad spectrum of photochemical including polysaccharide, vitamins, minerals, enzyme, protein, alkaloid, fat and oil, flavanoids. The study was made with attempts to develop kalakand blended with papaya in different concentrations by using whole milk. The data collected by different aspect were tabulated and analyzed statically using methods of analysis of variance and critical difference. Experimental sample of kalakand treatment T1 was blended with 15% of papaya pulp, T2 with 25% of papaya pulp and T3 with 35% of papaya pulp. Nutritional content was estimated by physio-chemical analysis such as protein, total solids, moisture, and ash. Organoleptic characteristics like (flavor and taste, body and texture, color and appearance, overall acceptability) were judged by panel on 9 point hedonic scale. According to analysis treatment T3 with 35% of papaya pulp was found best among three. Thus product acceptability can be rated as T3> T2> T1> T0.
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The Pharma Innovation Journal
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Shalini, Puneet Arora, Ramesh Chandra, Gaurav yadav. Development and quality assessment of papaya kalakand. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(5):08-10.

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