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Vol. 4, Issue 4 (2015)

Pathogenetic aspects of renal dysfunction in patients with primary hypothyroidism

Didushko O.M.
In order to investigate the peculiarities of renal function in patients with hypothyroidism, 152 people suffering from primary hypothyroidism were examined. Findings showed that patients with manifested hypothyroidism had renal malfunction marked by increased levels of creatinine and decreased rate of glomerular filtration (RGF), caused by such risk factors as hyperleptinemia, dyslipidemia, overweight and abdominal obesity. It was stated that higher indices of dyslipidemia were associated with highly manifested abdominal obesity defined by waist circumference (WC) ((96.58±1.70) and (98.73±3.35) cm), as well as with higher index of body weight (IBW).
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Didushko O.M.. Pathogenetic aspects of renal dysfunction in patients with primary hypothyroidism. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(4):82-84.
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