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Vol. 4, Issue 2 (2015)

Formulation of gulabjamun mix by using spray and drum dried skim milk

Sahja Nand Thakur, Ramesh Chandra
From the investigation, it is evident that spray dried skim milk can be effectively used in the formulation of Gulabjamun mix by properly blending it in appropriate proportions with other ingredients like maida, suji, vanaspati and baking power. The data obtained from Organoleptic evaluation showed that the Gulabjamun prepared from formulated Gulabjamun Mix sample in the treatment DT1 (50:20:10:18:2) was found to be more acceptable in terms of colour& appearance, flavour& taste, body and texture and overall acceptability. ST1 & DT1 (50:20:10:18:2) showed maximum value for moisture, protein, total carbohydrate, acidity and ash but lower value for fat. On the basis of microbiological analysis the formulated Gulabjamun Mix sample in treatment ST1 & DT1 (50:20:10:18:2) showed satisfactory results for SPC and Yeast & Mould counts. The cost of Gulabjamun mix prepared from spray dried skim milk and drum dried skim milk was estimated to be Rs.138 and Rs.193/kg respectively.
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Sahja Nand Thakur, Ramesh Chandra. Formulation of gulabjamun mix by using spray and drum dried skim milk. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(2):87-92.
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