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Vol. 4, Issue 10 (2015)

Prevalence of some rare pediatric diseases, their complications and treatment analysis

Shailesh Maikhuri, Yogesh Joshi, Divya Juyal
The study was aimed to evaluate the prevalence of some rare pediatric diseases; mainly hypospadias, hernia and cystic fibrosis along with their complications and treatment analysis. The major objective of the study includes demographic analysis, evaluation of diseases and analysis of treatment. The study was carried out on both in and out patients of different hospitals/clinics or nursing homes for collection of data. A total number of 175 pediatric patients were the part of the study and out of 175 patients, male children’s in the study were 74.86%, while female children’s were 25.14% of the study population. Study showed that patients of hernia were more as compared to cystic fibrosis and hypospadias which reflected that hernias are more common in patients as compared to other two diseases. The study also showed that majority of patients in all age group was males as compared to females. It was also analyzed from the study that hypospadias, a disease that occurs mostly in males, is a problem of concern in the society because of its complicated pathology as well as tedious approach of treatment. It was suggested that being critical problems of concern, such diseases and their diagnosis, care, prevention and management need to be look after seriously in the field of medicine and such studies could play a beneficial role for healthcare practitioners as well as for the society.
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Shailesh Maikhuri, Yogesh Joshi, Divya Juyal. Prevalence of some rare pediatric diseases, their complications and treatment analysis. Pharma Innovation 2015;4(10):83-87.
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